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BREAKING NEWS: TM Group Drives Digital Conveyancing Innovation with Acquisition of Lawtech Software Group

TM Group, a market-leading property data and technology provider, has announced a significant strategic move to further enhance its position in the digital conveyancing technology space through the acquisition of Lawtech Software Group. This marks a crucial milestone in TM Group's journey, uniting two technological innovators with a shared vision of digital innovation and growth to shape the future of the legal and property technology landscape.

Lawtech Software Group is known for its cutting-edge platforms such as Verify 365 AML and KYC compliance, DynamicID identity verification, and Lawyer 365 consultation and onboarding tools. Under the leadership of CEO Rudi Kesic, Lawtech has delivered impressive growth through its wide range of law tech products since its launch in the UK legal sector 3 years ago.

Rudi Kesic, CEO of Lawtech Software Group, remarked, “This next phase in our journey is a major milestone for Lawtech and a leap towards transforming the legal technology landscape. Joining forces with TM Group drives us even further forwards in scaling our innovations, enhancing our tech products, and driving greater efficiency in digitising legal processes for the UK legal and conveyancing sectors.

Strengthening Core Propositions and Accelerating Growth Strategy

The integration of Lawtech Software Group’s products with TM Group's digital conveyancing platforms is hailed by Thomas Maerz, CEO of TM Group, as a "game-changer" that sets new benchmarks for the industry. Maerz highlighted the strategic importance of this acquisition, stating, "This is a crucial step in strengthening TM Group’s core product propositions, enabling us to plug gaps in the conveyancing life cycle. The real value lies in accelerating our growth strategy, enhancing our value proposition after listening to our customers, and providing a springboard to future-proof our business."

Maerz continued, "Our aim is not only to address the current gaps in our proposition but also to make the process of buying and selling a house in the UK easier, faster, and more transparent for everyone in the future."

TM Group’s Vision for Digital Innovation

This announcement closely follows the recent appointment of property tech expert Gary Barker as Chief Operating and Technology Officer. Gary shared insights into TM Group's vision for digital innovation, stating, "TM Group sits at the heart of the homebuying journey, and this acquisition supports our objective to digitally transform this process and experience. Our mission is to ensure that the steps to buying a home can be made simpler and easier, which is why I am excited to integrate Lawtech’s products into our platform and to rapidly deploy ID checks, digital signatures, open banking, and address verification to our customers and partners, making the process faster, streamlined, efficient and all in one place. This is just the beginning of our innovation journey, and it demonstrates our commitment to change. I look forward to releasing more innovating products and solutions over the coming weeks and months to support our digital evolution for the future.”

Jonathan Stebbings, TM Group's Chief Commercial Officer, further highlighted the significance of the acquisition. “We are passionate about delivering consistent and great levels of service to our clients. This next phase in our strategy will enable white-labelled platform solutions that can be seamlessly embedded into our clients’ existing platforms, providing consistent workflows, flexibility, and more efficient processes as we make all stages of the end-to-end conveyancing journey simple for everyone, from client onboarding to post completion, invoicing, and payment.”

About TM Group

As a leading property data and technology provider for over 20 years, TM Group specialises in digital conveyancing solutions that enhance efficiency and compliance for the Commercial and Residential Property sectors and consistently deliver exceptional levels of customer service. Their aim is to deliver innovative technology solutions that simplify the property transaction for the legal and conveyancing sector, making them a trusted partner for legal professionals. TM Group’s customers extend to legal professionals (including Residential Conveyancers and Real Estate Professionals), Mortgage Lenders, Estate Agents, and Developers. Delivering solutions via its proprietary platforms tmconvey, tmconnect, and more. Conveyancing Data Services and Property Searches Scotland are also part of the TM Group.

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About Lawtech Software Group

Lawtech Software Group is a leading provider of legal technology solutions, offering innovative platforms designed to streamline legal processes, improve client engagement, and manage compliance. With a focus on the conveyancing and property market, LSG's technologies are at the forefront of the digital transformation in the legal sector. Verify 365, developed by Lawtech Software Group, is a leading AML risk and compliance KYC platform, offering comprehensive legal tech solutions, including ID biometric checks, address verifications, PEPs/sanctions screenings, and much more. Designed for legal professionals, Verify 365 streamlines the client onboarding and compliance process, ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance with global standards.

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